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Documentation is coming. here is a starter:

I’m going to attempt to create a tutorial for using the features of WDTVHubGen (called hubgen from here on out). This documentation applies to version 1.2 currently.

Step #1. Run the program


After starting the program you will see the following screen, the first thing you need to do is point the movies tab to your current directory for editing

Press the … button Directory and Get Movies Button.v1.2

the program will pop up a directory browser

Use the WDTVHubGen Program to do the following:

  • find and save metadata and cover art for movies and tv shows
  • remove annoying uploader garbage in the filenames before searching
  • search over an entire directory or series of directories (using recursion)
  • rename files and search again
  • aggressively search (only use a few words at the beginning to search to find something, this only works for movies)
  • find descriptions and titles in other languages
  • correctly size the thumbnails for download (fixing a bug in previous versions)
  • add an episode number to the tv show thumbnail

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