Troubles, Troubles, Troubles.

May 8, 2015 at 10:02 PM
Hi all,

I started using the program a few days ago, and got fairly poor results, I see that I am a beginner, any maybe miss something, but it could also be that the program needs some debugging. I am unsure wether I should file a bug report for every anomaly I find, or seek help through this forum first.

What is the proposed way to deal with anomalies like this:

Anomaly 1:
I have a movie <moviename>.mkv in a directory <moviename>. Just the movie, nothing else, this is how almost any movie looks when the video file makes it first appearance on the video storage media.

If I try to activate the movie to download the movie infos from IMDB, I get an inner program exception saying that "<moviename>.jpg" cannot be found. I can ignore it, but this is annoying..

Anomaly 2:
Then I use Alt-L to download the movie info. Again a message stating that the jpg file cannot be found appears, and processing ends. If I use "Manually search for title" exactly one movie is found, and all data is loaded from IMDB. It displays allright (including the .jpg cover), and I can save it. Why does Alt-L fail me on every movie?

Any clues what I can do?