Getting new content info when there is existing info on file not working

Sep 21, 2012 at 8:19 AM

I have processed all my files and some are wrong or the image is in the worng language. So I tried to change the image by selecting the file in top box then clicking on "next image" in bottom box, this does nothing. So I right click on file in top box and select look up information, then click on "next image" in bottom box again but nothing.

So I think that i have to delete the xml file and picture and i right click on file in top box "remove existing xml" then i confirm with ok. I then get "the process cannot access the is being used by another process." But there is nothing using it that I can see. As far as I can see the first time I did this it deleted the file and let me look up information and save it but the second time when i press "save this one" I get  "Error message: an exception occured during a WebClient request........"

It would take a long time to restart the program everytime it is needed to change a image as I have lots of images to change. Can this be fixed?