WDTVHubGen 2.1 Release Comments

Dec 2, 2011 at 3:19 PM
Edited Dec 5, 2011 at 1:15 AM

I wanted to contribute some constructive feedback and didn't see anywhere else where lengthy input and/or discussion could be satisfied so I have opened new discussion here.

I copied over some initial feedback from reviews page...I will expand further in some areas...I also had some hard errors while running large bulk lookup...I didn't record specifics but will for future.

1. if you cancel movie choices popup because none match, it adopts all the metadata/jpgs from last accepted movie (so...in my case I had 4 identical names and pics displayed for Resident Evil because it didn't resolve the names (due to hyphens) and ironically it didn't contain film choice in popup list even though the film would be in list when popup appeared for next unresolved Resident Evil film and vice versa (anyway suspect that aspect is more a database prob not WDTVHubGen issue)

updt: as a a result of this the WDTV (SMP) only listed one out of four Resident evil films (instead of one with thumbnail and three unresolved)...I will check physical file to see what is or isn't present (maybe this app gave them all the same name as the last good set of metadata and the WDTV treated others as duplicates ??)

2. lookup prob with "127 Hours" movie..it sets file default of TV type with season 1 ep 27 (on the main list page for directory) and does not set a name for lookup (I think as a result it uses folder name for the actual lookup)...any rename attempts still containing 127 hours have exact same prob...and if I rename to good (but wrong) movie name everything appears OK to begin with...BUT...if I then do manual lookup for 127 Hours it won't allow me to SAVE results.

3. minor...had an issue where a popup listed two choices...2nd film had no pic for it and WDTVHubGen still displayed pic from first film on list...maybe needs to "clear" first

4. I was often finding that it was difficult to make selection from popup list of films if you weren't already sure what year film was produced...the picture is not always immediately recognizable and if it did contain actors names on it is usually too small to see.......if database has already returned the actor details at this point it would nice if we had additional details shown as we scroll through choices.

5. OTHER...it would be nice to know what happens with any subsequent rerunning of WDTVHubGen with regards to existing metadata...ie how/when/if it determines that it does NOT need to look up a movie...or...if it needs to look up again to replace data...or if there is existing data that WDTV box created previously...(If all that info readily avail I apologize, I have not honestly read much in that regard)......similarly related, it might be nice to have option to NOT do lookups for subfolders for a given directory (especially if you know all the lower levels entries are good !)

Similarly, what about backdrops...does WDTV use links in XML file to create folder with jpegs ?  Will it just ADD to an existing one if WDTV already created one with other/same pics ?


THANKS for providing this software for us...nice option for us all !!


Dec 3, 2011 at 12:37 AM
Edited Dec 5, 2011 at 1:18 AM

some other random issues...will try to edit later and fill in some more details:

1. If the directory you select only has subfolders (with files) but has no files of it's own, the app gives error and hangs

2. I have some custom folder jpegs for some directories...having some trouble trying to determine what instances the app will clobber the existing one...I have had examples where it retained it but others where it overwrote it with pic from one of the newly updated flicks

3. manual lookup does not seem to allow you to save results (although I was certain I have had it working previously).


4. WDTV is displaying "&amp" instead of just "&" ...this is evident in both some movie titles as well as some text within the synopsis)...don't know if this is database prob or WDTVHubGen...but prob definitely occurs PRIOR to playback on WDTV box.




Jan 1, 2012 at 5:28 AM
4. WDTV is displaying "&amp" instead of just "&" ...this is evident in both some movie titles as well as some text within the synopsis)...don't know if this is database prob or WDTVHubGen...but prob definitely occurs PRIOR to playback on WDTV box.

I have seen this issue also but I believe this is embedded in the XML code rather than the file names. Possibly a code error while compiling the XML file. Problem is it is intermittent.

Jan 6, 2012 at 5:52 AM

I have also run across the problem (#1 from the OP) where if you cancel the manual selection, it still renames the files.

Expanding on your #4 problem (also from the OP) it would also be 100x easier if it showed the original filename in the window to select the correct one.

One last thing, I noticed is that the program needs to attempt different variations of "and"...
EX: the file "Rizzoli.and.Isles.S02E15.mkv" will return no results,as thetvdb lists the series with the "&" instead of "and".
So, it would be nice if nothing was found when looking up "and" the program also tries the name with "&" instead (and vice versa).