TV Metadata issue for new WDTV Live Streaming

Nov 30, 2011 at 3:11 AM

First...this program works great!  I am currently using one of the new WDTV Live Streaming players.  Once I figured out the ins and outs I banged out the xml files for all my movies in speedy fashion.  I have one problem that may be related to the hub vs the new live.  For TV shows it shows a "first aired" category instead of "year".  This causes it to display N/A instead of the air date.  Does the hub only have "year"?  Also for some reason the Actor: column is always blank but only on TV shows all the movies show the actor names fine.  Any suggestions?  I can use a file editor and change the "year" to "firstaired" and that part works but its kind of tedious.  Thanks for all your help.